CCV Chandler

Christ’s Church of the Valley opened their eighth Arizona campus in Chandler on Christmas Eve, 2017. Clearwing Systems Integration was hired to complete the audio, video, and lighting installation in the main sanctuary and three student rooms of the space, which formerly housed a charter school.

For audio in the main sanctuary, Clearwing hung six L-Acoustics KARAi on each side of the stage with an X12 in the center, along with four L-Acoustics SB18i subwoofers on the ground and in the air. The sanctuary at the Chandler campus is unusually wide compared to most CCV sites, which necessitated the use of L-Acoustics X12s for side fills. Along the lip of the stage, L-Acoustics X8s provided front fills.

Audio signals are run over AES from front of house to amplifier and BSS DSP provides audio to the rest of the facility. Shure QLXD microphones are used for the talent and audio in the lobby is delivered with QSC ceiling speakers.

Video in the sanctuary is delivered by a trio of Barco F90 Laser Projectors, which project onto Draper Cineperm screens.

For lighting, CCV made the transition to all LED theatrical fixtures for this campus.

Existing inventory was updated using ETC Source 4WRD engines. In the main sanctuary, some fixtures were changed out to enhanced definition lens tubes. Since dimmers weren’t needed, an ETC Echo feed through panel was installed to allow for power control to the fixtures. Martin Mac Auras and Quantum Profiles now make up the campus’s moving light inventory.
Sanctuary lighting is controlled through a MA on PC, while each of the student rooms contained a Martin M-Touch.

All four rooms utilized the Pathway Snap panels to provide 0-10V conversion for the Gotham house lights.

*** Photos by Aaron Wallace ***