Dobson High School

Clearwing Systems Integration completely updated the lighting system in Dobson High School’s auditorium. The renovation included infrastructure upgrades, a new network system, a new LED theatrical lighting fixture inventory, and LED retrofits. 

The outdated ETC Unison architectural control system was swapped out for an ETC Paradigm architectural system, and a new equipment rack was built to house the modules. The dimmer rack was upgraded to include 2 ETC CEM3 processors and 24 dimmer modules were traded out for relay modules to allow for 48 distributed non-dimmed circuits to power the new LED fixture inventory. 

The auditorium’s existing incandescent box boom fixtures were replaced with 10 Ovation E-260WWs, and the catwalk lights were replaced with 10 Ovation E-930VWs. Both the E-260WWs and E-930VWs give the lighting designer flexibility in controlling whites to set mood, time, and place.  An additional 58 Ovation E-910s, capable of producing millions of colors, were provided for over-stage specials, high side washes, and front light toning. 45 ETC ColorSource PARs were disbursed over-stage to provide scenic washes, top light, and back light. For cyc lighting, 9 ETC ColorSource CYCs were placed on the batten and on the stage for a total of 18 fixtures. To cut down on extensive and invasive labor, house lights in the audience chamber were retrofitted using 39 Retro 700 – 3000k – 59 degree units, 11 Retro 500 – 3000k – 70 degree units, and 34 Retro 300 – 3000k – 56 degree units.  

With the upgraded fixtures, a new console capable of managing modern lighting equipment was needed. CSI went with an ETC Ion Xe due to its powerful capabilities and user-friendliness to all skill levels. 

*** Photos by Aaron Wallace ***