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The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, located in Cleveland, Ohio, is a non-profit organization that engages, teaches, and inspires through the power of rock and roll. The museum has six floors and several exhibits- some permanent, and some that frequently change. One of the newly renovated permanent exhibits, The Power of Rock Experience, is included with admission to the museum. It has three parts; the introduction on the “bridge,” a 12- minute film in the Connor Theater, and interactive story booths near the Connor Theater exit. The film details the excitement of an induction night, highlights unforgettable moments in rock and roll history, and allows audience members to relive some of the most memorable and iconic rock and roll performances.

BRC Imagination Arts, an experience design and production agency out of Burbank, California, designed the immersive Power of Rock Experience. BRC designs and produces cultural attractions and creates transformative brand destinations all over the world. For The Power of Rock Experience, BRC contracted Clearwing Systems Integration to install the lighting and rigging systems. Clearwing specializes in the permanent installation of audio, video, lighting, control, drapery, and rigging in performance venues, arenas, churches, and museums. A good fit for this project, Clearwing System Integration’s lineage is deeply rooted in rock and roll as their sister company, Clearwing Productions, has been in the concert and tour industry for over 40 years. BRC and Clearwing worked together in conjunction with lighting designer Manny Treeson of NYX Design to provide products that would best fit the Connor Theatre while capturing BRC’s design intent. ROE Visual and Ayrton Digital Lighting were two of the manufacturers chosen to make the experience unforgettable.

ROE Visual is a display manufacturer dedicated to providing creative displays for stages, studios, and architecture, operating from China, Europe, and the US. Since its founding in 2006, ROE Visual has quickly become a top manufacturer of rental LED displays.

Their ROE Strip product line features indoor/outdoor compatible LED strips with a slim and lightweight structure which all work together to optimize a designer’s ability to be creative. The ROE Strips in The Power of Rock Experience were chosen because of their high output, versatile mounting capability, and their complex programming potential. As they were mounted throughout the theatre, they help to immerse the audience in the show by expanding the lighting effects around and over the audience members.

Visitor experience created, developed, and produced by BRC Imagination Arts,


Clearwing mounted nearly 200 ROE Strips near the ceiling of the Connor Theatre in a pattern that resembles the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame logo. During the show, they are integrated into the experience seamlessly as they are synced to the video, audio, and other lighting fixtures. The kinetic movement of light along the panels connects the video images with the scenic elements and with the moving light effects.

Ayrton Digital Lighting specializes in intelligent LED light products for entertainment and architectural experiences. They push the boundaries of imagination and strive to create highly innovative fixtures through their reliable, flexible, and avant-garde technology. Ayrton MagicDot-R fixtures are compact, fast, and powerful 4-color LED moving head fixtures that rotate in all directions. They were chosen specifically for The Power of Rock Experience because of their complex mobility options, reliability, and high beam output. The haze system, provided by MDG, paired well with the experience due to the permanent distribution system and the MagicDot-R fixtures, as it made the lighting beams visible to the audience and helped to recreate the atmosphere of a rock and roll concert.

James Kroner, a Clearwing Install Technician working on the project, said, “the MagicDot- R’s added a dynamic and inspired feel to the space. Since they are typically used in a temporary production, such as a concert on tour, it makes them extremely easy to work with.”

Visitor experience created, developed, and produced by BRC Imagination Arts,

There were over 70 Ayrton MagicDot-R fixtures mounted around the theater, mostly on two upstage truss grid walls flashing toward and around the audience. During the show, they rotate continuously and smoothly around the theater, changing colors and adding strobe and chase effects to the stage picture.

The MagicDot-R and ROE Strips together make the audience in The Connor Theatre feel like they are a part of an authentic rock and roll concert that has come to life. The products encapsulate the movements and effects as they are featured on tour with various rock and roll artists.

The Rock and Roll Hall Fame Power of Rock Experience is now open to the public; for more information about admission fees or hours, visit



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