Historic West Bend Theatre

Clearwing recently completed design and installation of a building-wide lighting power and control system as well as rigging and drapery at The Historic West Bend Theatre.

The lighting system installation featured dimming and switching, integration of architectural lighting fixtures, emergency lighting transfer, architectural user interfaces and system programming.


(2) ETC Echo Relay Panels

(9) ETC Branch Circuit Emergency Lighting Transfer Switches

(1) ETC Emergency Bypass Detection Kit

(1) ETC DMX Emergency Bypass Controller

(1) Paradigm Architectural COntrol Processor

ETC Response 4-Port Gateways

ETC 7” Touchscreen Control Stations

(6) ETC ColorSource Cyc

(9) ETC ColorSource PAR

(10) ETC ColorSource Spot

(9) ETC Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr

(13) Dead-hung pipe battens

(2) Torm pipes

(1) Rose Brand Grand Drape with ADC track

(1) Rose Brand Main Valance

(2) Rose Brand Traveler Drapes with ADC track

(2) Rose Brand borders

(1) Rose Brand filled-leno scrim with ADC track

(1) ETC Prodigy FlyPipe

(1) ETC EXO P2 Hoist

(1) ETC QuickTouch 4-channel hoist controller

(1) Thern Head Block

(3) Thern loft blocks