Marquette University – Al McGuire Center

The Al McGuire Center, located on Marquette University’s campus, is home of the intercollegiate administrative offices, student-athlete services, practice and game courts, and numerous other facilities. The center originally opened in 2003 and in August 2017, Clearwing Systems Integration installed a new PA and updated control system. 

The new system included 16 QSC AP-5152 – 15” two-way surface speakers and 4 QSC GP218-sw – Dual 18” subwoofers. Upgrading the speakers increased court coverage and overall quality of sound for spectators. 

In addition, Clearwing downsized the previously installed 20 amps  to 10 QSC Q-Sys Network Amplifiers. Decreasing the number of amps saved space and energy, and reduced the amount of radiating heat. The new and improved system provides a user-friendly experience and more support for processing. The two installed QSC TSC-7w – 7” touchscreen controllers are customized to the user’s needs and skill level. Limiters were programmed throughout the system to prevent speaker blowout, ensuring quality sound for years to come.  

For this install Clearwing also provided:

1 QSC CORE 110f

3 QSC I/O-8 Flex

2 Shure WL183 

2 Shure SM31FH

1 Shure ULXD4Q=-G50

1 Denon DN-300Z

*** Photos by Jay Baumgardner ***