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Within the AV and Lighting world, Systems Integration in and of itself is a highly specialized medium. The types of projects we do vary widely, from audio and lighting systems in churches, auditoriums, and theaters, to custom control and video packages for parade floats and attractions. Therefore, the knowledge and skill sets required for what we do range from design and construction to electrical and sound engineering and everything in between.

Niche, right?

Our integration service techs are a niche of a niche and the crème de la crème. Hours of training, certifications, and years of experience are needed to hone the mad skills required to troubleshoot and service permanent AV and lighting systems. And their job is to save you headaches, whether we installed the system or not.

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Chris Kockler, resident genius (possibly building a time machine)

Meet Chris Kockler. He’s been with Clearwing full time since 2014 and is CSI Phoenix’s resident genius. There’s not much he can’t build or fix, including a remote control R2D2 and a pretty sweet replica proton pack which he insists doesn’t work (but we’re skeptical). And if he gets his hands on a Delorean, we probably won’t see him for a while… or maybe we will see him… yesterday.

Chris’ certifications and training include:

BarcoCertified Specialist for Digital Cinema Installation & Basic Maintenance, Certified Specialist for HDX, HDF, HDQ Operations, Applications, & Service, Cinema – Barco High Brightness Safety Training.
PhilipsDynalite Envision Project Level 1
ETCIon Console Programming Level 1 & 2, Mosaic Designer 2 Boot Camp, Repair Training
BICSI3M Epoxy Connector Installation,3M Fiber Optic Safety, 3M Connector Installation Practices,3M Principles of Fiber Optics, Certified Installer Level in Fiber Optic Safety, Standards and Regulatory Requirements, ST/SC/LC Connector Terminations, Hotmelt/Anaerobic Installation Practices, Fiber Optic Connector – Visual Inspection, Tier 1 Testing, OLTS Test Bed Set-ups, Source Driver Operations, and Optical Power Meter Operations.
Q-SYSLevel 1 & 2
Vari-LiteCertified Technician Series VLX/500/800/1000/2500/3000/ and 880/3000/4000

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Dan Schmidtke, AV prodigy and general awesomepants

Meet Daniel Schmidtke. He’s been at this since he was 13 years old when he began programming on an ETC lighting console at his church. By the time he was 16, he was the lead lighting programmer/designer in the church and trained volunteers on Element and Ion lighting consoles. He picked up lighting knowledge on ETC networking, fixture programming, Midi device control, and DMX infrastructure. He also picked up knowledge of Roland and Yamaha audio consoles, Dante systems, and Black Magic video systems and logged 3000 volunteer hours that sharpened his troubleshooting skills and gave him an edge in the field.

Today, Dan works out of our Milwaukee office and has been integral in the successful completion of specialized projects like Museum of the Bible, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Overture Hall. His deep technical understanding of audio, video, and lighting equipment allows him to take a different approach to troubleshooting and strip back the problem to diagnose in a timely fashion.

Daniel’s Certifications include:

Dante- Level 2 Certified
ETC- Certified Service Provider, Ion Console Programming Level 1 & 2
Extron- Certified Control Specialist
QSC- Level 2 Certified and Touch Mix Certified
Chainmaster- Motor Certified
OSHA- 30 Hour Certification

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