Mount Horeb High School

Mount Horeb High School recently went through a multi-million dollar renovation which included new academic classrooms, and a system overhaul in the performing arts auditorium.

Mt. Horeb High School partnered with Clearwing Systems Integration to design and install a new audio system in the school’s auditorium. Given the specs of the space, system requirements, and budget, Clearwing engineers determined an L-Acoustics ARCS system would best serve the needs of the auditorium while remaining within the school’s budget. In this venue, the ARCS series was able to provide significantly more output than the old system while also keeping the sound directed at the audience and off unwanted surfaces. Because of this control, the intelligibility and quality of sound is dramatically increased. L-Acoustics provides an unparalleled industry recognized quality through their dedication to innovation and product design excellence.

Clearwing recognized that integrating the space’s existing equipment with the new specified gear would be more expensive than replacing those components with newer technology. Clearwing decided to utilize QSC’s Q-Sys Core 110f processor and CXD8.4Q amplifier to update backstage paging, house audio feed, and stage monitor elements. This was done to keep the auditorium’s new Allen & Heath dLive C3500 in the digital domain, which allows the console to operate at peak efficiency and output the highest quality of sound. The dLive 3500 utilizes a Harmony touch-screen interface which provides users the familiarity of a smartphone or tablet for ease of use. Upon installation, a workflow was created on the console to utilize the school’s inventory, and to provide quick use for everyday school functions.

The system is complete with QSC E110 stage monitors, Shure ULXD microphones, and DPA 4066 headsets. Designed for optimal functionality and user-friendliness, this system is state-of-the-art and will last Mount Horeb years to come.