NAU Kitt Recital Hall

NAU Kitt Recital Hall

Kitt Recital Hall is the newest venue for Northern Arizona University’s School of Music. The hall is tucked into the front of the Performing and Fine Arts Building and links with the existing Ardrey Auditorium. Clearwing designed the audio and video systems for RSP Architects while The Ruzika Group designed the other production elements. The General Contractor, Core Construction, selected Clearwing to provide and install the Ruzika designed elements.

The front of house lighting pipe over the audience is raised and lowered by an ETC EXO hoist located off house right. This is the first installation where the QuickTouch+ Controller for the hoist also controls the acoustic drapery draw curtain machines from H&H Specialties. ETC fixed speed motor starters are in line between the controller and the curtain machines to allow for communication and control. The encoders on the tracks report to the controller allowing for pre-programmed presets along the tracks. Five different tracks of acoustic drape are installed, four of which are motorized. The house side curtains are angled to match the slant of the wood faced walls.

Lighting is an exclusive ETC package with Paradigm and an Ion XE for control. The Paradigm architectural system is programmed to function and mimic the programming inside the Ardrey Auditorium installed by Clearwing seven years ago. Power is handled by two Echo Relay panels as all the fixtures are LED. Theatrical fixtures include Series II Lustr and Tungsten HD ellipsoidals, D40 Studio HD pars, and ultra-quiet High End SolaFrame Theatre moving lights.


NAU Kitt Recital Hall

NAU Kitt Recital Hall

*** Photos by Aaron Wallace ***

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