Robert & Marie Hansen Family Fine Arts Theatre

The Robert and Marie Hansen Family Fine Arts Theatre, located in Divine Savior Holy Angels High School, was built in 2002 and is the primary location for all school masses and assemblies. In addition, the theatre hosts four annual shows including the fall musical, winter play, spring Advanced Acting Class production, and summer Community Theatre Works musical.

The theatre received an audio upgrade consisting of a new console, speakers, microphones, two touchscreens, and an audio rack. Clearwing Systems Integration’s main priority during this installation was making the system unified. The previously mismatched and nearly out of frequency microphones were replaced with 24 Shure QLXD14 Wireless Bodypacks and 26 Countryman B3 Lavaliers. Additionally, Clearwing installed 4 L-Acoustics Arcs Focus, 2 Arcs Wide, 2 SB18m, and 2 LA4X. These high quality speakers not only provide full coverage of the theatre, but increase the intelligibility for patrons. Four QSC E110s were chosen for stage monitors due to their versatility. The monitors allow actors to hear themselves clearly during musicals and can also be hidden around the stage to produce sound effects such as a doorbell or telephone ring. DSHA High School was also fitted with an Allen and Heath AH-SQ-7 console for increased adaptability in this multi-purpose space. 

Behind-the-scenes additions included a dedicated monitoring system that feeds into the black box theatre which often doubles as a greenroom. This new system was fully integrated with the existing system, and gives actors the ability to hear what is happening onstage, ensuring their cues will not be missed. Finally, all lines, including speaker and intercom lines, were checked to confirm everything is in working order. 

For this install Clearwing also provided:

1 Sennheiser SKM 100-835 G3

1 Middle Atlantic Portable Rack 21SP1

Middle Atlantic WRK-44-32

2 Shure UA864US

6 Shure UA844+SWB/LC

4 Shure UA834WB

1 Shure MX20B/C


1 QSC CX8.4Q

1 QSC Core 110f

3 QSC I/O-8 Flex

1 Source One Technology 48G Switch

1 Source One Technology 24G PoE+ Switch

*** Photos by Jay Baumgardner ***

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