Sheboygan Falls High School

Sheboygan Falls High School partnered with Clearwing Systems Integration to design and install an upgraded audio system in their auditorium where they hold theatrical productions, band and choir concerts, and school events. The auditorium needed a user-friendly solution with upgraded technology that would disperse sound to the back of the house while reducing the need for acoustic treatment.

Recently released L-Acoustic’s A15 speakers provided a turnkey solution for the high school. These new speakers can control sound output through integrated louvers that can steer sound off unwanted surfaces. This feature became extremely important in this space to reduce reflection and increase intelligibility. During system commissioning, Clearwing was able to precisely direct sound off of the auditorium walls and ceiling, while leaving the onstage louvers open to provide full auditorium coverage. The A15 speakers are powerful enough to output sound the entire length of the space, eliminating the need for delay speakers.

Clearwing chose the Shure ULXD system with a Yamaha QL5 console for a high-quality and efficient user experience. The Shure ULXD microphones operate in the digital domain which eliminates excess signal conversions and makes sound quality much higher. Shure ULXD and the Yamaha QL5 integrate seamlessly with each other, as the QL5 can not only monitor ULXD parameters but can control them in real time. Through an iPad app, the QL5 can be remotely controlled making the workflow involving these two systems extremely user-friendly.

Clearwing chose Earthworks FW730 choir microphones, QSC E110 stage monitors, and the Tascam CD-400U media player to ensure the high school had a long lasting and dynamic system.