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Stone and Steel

Randy Gallob of Stone and Steel, a Sloan company, tapped Clearwing Systems Integration to bring his vision of a waterless waterfall to life. The environmentally friendly fixture was engineered by Clearwing staff for the lobby of Stone and Steel’s Phoenix office.

An ENTTEC Pixelator, PLINK Injectors and ENTTEC ELM software were all used to bring this project to life. LED tape was mounted on top of the wall, 9 inches behind a 12’wx10’h piece of opal diffused glass. This glass combined with the ELM software creates a diffused low resolution image.

An Alcorn McBride replay unit was loaded with 120 minutes of miscellaneous waterfall tracks to provide realistic sound for the installation. The tracks were spliced together with overlapping sounds of jungle noises and bird calls and are played through MSE Audio SolidDrive conductive speakers.

*** Photos by Aaron Wallace ***

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