Sunnyslope High School

Sunnyslope High School in the Glendale Union High School District is nationally ranked and sought after by parents.  It is now also the first district school to receive a substantial auditorium overhaul.

The theater building is over forty years old and had at least one previous lighting overhaul.  The electrical parts and pieces from the original lighting system were still installed on stage right consuming precious storage space.  Instead of retrofitting an existing ETC Sensor rack with relay modules the school decided to make a wholesale change and switch all lighting over to LED.

Clearwing Systems Integration removed the existing Sensor and Unison system and replaced it with an ETC Echo relay panel and ETC Paradigm architectural control system.  To reduce distribution needs, Clearwing rewired the original infrastructure and removed all old lighting equipment, boxes and panels as well as rerouted conduit pathways.  This had the added benefits of safer operations and more storage space. Digital control network based on ETC Net3 was run to allow for all the needed connectivity.

The theatrical LED fixtures were a mix of Chauvet and Elation with Rogue 3 moving lights.  Clearwing also removed the existing house lights and installed new Gotham EVO LEDs controlled through 0-10V with a dimming ability down to less than one percent.  An ETC Ion XE console at front of house is in command of the system

Clearwing also supplied all new stage drapery and provided a small amount of counterweight rigging service.