Waterford High School

Waterford Union High School was amid an ongoing initiative to improve the school’s function and design. The theater, used to for plays, concerts, recitals, and various other student activities, needed an audio update to accommodate for the various types of events in the venue.

Clearwing Systems Integration and the high school partnered together to design and install a new audio system in the theater. The system included wireless microphones, a mixing console, speakers, stage monitors, assistive listening, and audio distribution.

While not isolated to this project, one of the challenges of this install was the reduced number of wireless microphone frequencies available due to new government regulations. Since the enforcement of these regulations, manufacturers have had to adapt their technology to fit into limited frequencies. Shure’s Axient series, an industry leading wireless system, is able to fit the large quantity of microphones requested, in a small frequency bandwidth.

Waterford needed a mixing console that could accommodate all desired inputs, be able to mix wireless and wired microphones from anywhere in the house, and support various forms of playback. With 72 mix channels, the Yamaha QL5 in conjunction with a QL StageMix-enabled iPad provides wireless access to the QL5 and allows engineers to adjust a wide variety of mix parameters from anywhere in the house.

Other notable items in the system include L-Acoustics ARCS speakers and SB18m subwoofers, QSC E110 stage monitors, Countryman E6 earset microphones, and QSC Q-Sys audio distribution. This system is user-friendly, versatile, and fulfills end-user expectations and requirements with world class equipment.