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Today’s arenas have tough competition. Fans are increasingly inclined to enjoy the comforts of home with their big screen, high-def TVs and satellite packages. Modern arenas strive to create an experience that fans cannot get anywhere else.

State-of-the-art audiovisual installations captivate fans with everything they see, hear, and touch, creating the one-of-a-kind experiences that sell out arenas.

Clearwing Systems Integration is uniquely prepared for arena system installation. Our on-staff riggers go in with motor systems, beam clamps, and permanent hardware and then assist the lighting, audio, and video technicians with conduit and wire installation.

In an arena, production systems are typically on motors to allow for equipment service and maintenance. Clearwing Systems Integration offers both permanent motorized rigging hoists and more portable and temporary systems depending on how the systems are to be utilized.

Clearwing Systems Integration not only specifies, designs, and installs systems inclusively, but also works as a subcontractor for other AV companies who require professional rigging expertise.

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“We want fans to come out of their homes to enjoy customized experiences that you can’t see on television. The first time we used the new lighting package, you could physically feel the fans’ response.”- Shay McElwain, Kohl Center’s Senior Audio Engineer / Electronics Systems Engineer

AT&T Stadium – Miller Lite Landing

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