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Clearwing Systems Integration is incredibly familiar with the ever-changing technical needs of casinos. Every space must be exciting, captivating, and full of color and movement. Announcements must be clear and zone controllable. Video must be intense and quickly adaptable to the day’s events.

We have worked with numerous casinos over the years to create themed environments including bingo halls, showrooms, entryways, lounges, fountains, bars, clubs, and even performance lighting over slot machine floors. On the exterior, we provide pool event lighting and audio, building LED systems, paging, outdoor video screens, and sign lighting.

Our installers are ready for the 2 am call times required to keep the casino operating successfully during upgrades. Our programmers work well with large IT and Facilities Departments to utilize networks and provide system wide controls for remote operation. Because casino spaces frequently evolve, we provide easy-to-read system documentation so infrastructure can be repurposed to achieve your new vision.

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